Peugeot 107 - 1.0 Sport for € 3700
Negotiable price

CAR FOR SALE: Peugeot 107 - 1.0 Sport in LUXEMBOURG Hi everyone, I'm going to sell my car as I will move to New Zealand soon. It's a fine car and in a good state too. I bought it a bit over a year ago from a garage here in Luxembourg and I was very happy with it because it always starts in the morning, never had any technical issues with it, and uses petrol very economically due to it's small 1L engine and low weight of 905kg, so it pains me to have to say goodbye to it :-( Peugeot 107, color: Red Engine: 1L, 50kW Year of construction: 2011 Mileage: 85,500km Currently on winter tyres This functional car has 5 doors and the back seats are actually not as cramped as you would imagine for such a small car. The boot of the car is really quite small , but it can be enlarged by flipping the back seats forward when necessary. Also, due to its compact size, it is easy to move around and park in Luxembourg city. It recently passed the yearly technical checkup Certificat de Controle Technique (SNCT, TÜV, MOT valid until 20.11.2018) and the Vignette Fiscale is also already paid until 20.12.2018. Price: EUR 3,900. Contact me via niconuyens@hotmail.com

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