Photography Nature Photowalk (24.02.2018) for € 20
Fixed price

This is the forth of my photowalks that will be mainly focused on the beautiful nature and landscapes of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It will be a guided photowalk in some of the nicest and most rewarding parts of the country. We will focus on one main theme on each photowalk, most of the time it will be either landscapes or details (i.e. flowers, structures, natural formations, ...). The theme of each walk will be announced at the departure point, taking in consideration the weather and lighting conditions at this moment. This is also an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and be challenged by new photo subjects or restrictions. Guidance on photo techniques and composition will be provided on request. It is recommended to bring a tripod if you have one. To register, go to the event page: http://paulkrippler.eventbrite.com/

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