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17 Nov 18

10 tips for stress free travel

Traveling is something we all dream of and some of us get to do it in style. Traveling is less enjoyable when we travel heavy and have to take long-winded flights. Even though the journey should be good, the destination is expected to be wonderful. Not all of us can afford the luxury of taking a private jet. There are somethings we all can do as Mental Floss explains here: - Try to travel on the actual holiday. - Pack light for holiday travel. - Don' carry wrapped gifts. - Reserve airport parking in advance. - Carry an empty water bottle. - Take a picture of your suitcase. - Swap belongings with a companion. - Use apps to figure out when to leave your house. - Try to avoid airline counters.

16 Nov 18

Spain, bottom for salaries, top for life

In an expats survey, Singapore ranks at the top in overall criteria and Luxembourg does not even seem to be included. However, interesting article with a great list. Spain is awesome in many ways, well, if you got the dough, it's beyond awesome.

15 Nov 18

Growing art work

..Tiny, but rich: Luxembourg pushes for more presence in art market

15 Nov 18

Keypoints of Brexit deal (draft) agreement explained

The Brexit deal draft agreement is approved by the UK cabinet. Immigration is set out to be difficult, as expected. EU citizens living in the UK for 5 years by the time of Brexit will be able to apply for permanent residence. But many questions remain at this point. What about those under 5 years? There seems to be a point based system for acceptance. Then, can this all be done before 31 December 2020. What about the British citizens in EU. Will they also have some sort of cut-off and qualification mechanism. When is the cut off for the 5 year qualification? is it 29 March 2019 or the end of the transition period 31 December 2020? Unclear. If we understood it right. after 5 years of residence in the UK, non-EU citizens can apply for nationality as per the current rules in the UK. Why does the EU citizens don't have the right that any other national has. Or will this rule also change for everyone in the UK? What about those EU citizens who don't qualify in the UK? Will they be chucked out unceremoniously or they would be seen as illegal immigrants? How would the British nationals be treated overall in the EU is silent? That's for EU to say and Britain to take a stand. Immigration is the most important question for millions of EU and British nationals and hardship has been ensured in this. Businesses seem to have largely secured what they need, Britain will stay in the customs union until the transition period. Read more in the link. Leave your comments here.

14 Nov 18

Swiss bank might move to LUX

...Swissquote will likely shift its European retail banking hub from London to Luxembourg post-Brexit

14 Nov 18

Want to (legally) crash an Indian wedding?

Indian weddings are famous for being enormous. Not only, they are also very colourful, joyful and has plenty of Indian food and traditions to get by. Some of us are lucky to be invited to one of those big and beautiful weddings. Other poor souls were content thinking we might be invited one day. Fret not, now there is a legal way to attend the weddings of your choice. This link shows you how!

14 Nov 18

10 reasons to travel via train, this holiday season

We all have our favourite way of traveling. Especially when we have the necessary time, we take our time to travel via the best way we love to travel. This Insider is listing some 10 reasons why train travel could be a cool (and cheap and nice...) way to travel. Check it out.

13 Nov 18

Budding Women entrepreneur

...A budding Indian entrepreneur was awarded first prize at the Luxembourg Poland Chamber of Commerce’s entrepreneurial women programme.

12 Nov 18

Health care is a priority in LUX

...Reducing waiting times and increasing the number of medical staff at emergency services are a priority for Luxembourg's healthcare sector

12 Nov 18

How do you host an au pair in Luxembourg - find out

Like to know how to host an au pair. Delano is describing how!

11 Nov 18

Flights to Marseille from Lux

...Spanish airline Volotea offers direct flights from Luxembourg to Marseille as part of its expansion at Marseille airport.

11 Nov 18

History of Belval

..Did you know the history of Belval goes back over 100 years?

09 Nov 18

Have u tasted Kachkéis – a peculiar Lux cheese dish

...Kachkéis is one of those beloved Luxembourgish food oddities that is hard to describe. Basically, it’s a cooked cheese that’s quite runny – think of the texture of glue: stringy, gloopy and rubbery.

08 Nov 18

Direct flight between Luxembourg and Edinburgh

...Ryanair announces direct flight between Luxembourg and Edinburgh

07 Nov 18

Electric bikes to become operational from 30 November

...Half of Luxembourg City’s self-service bicycle stations will be equipped with electric bikes

05 Nov 18

Increased residence permit in LUX

Luxembourg among EU countries to grant most residence permits

03 Nov 18

LUX startups to watch out

...At the centre of western Europe geographically, Luxembourg is also at the heart of the continent when it comes to innovative start-ups.

01 Nov 18

Best countries for English proficiency

Where LUX stands?

31 Oct 18



29 Oct 18

Get ur customised bikes

...Artisans: Rolo, Luxembourg’s custom build perfectionists

28 Oct 18


...Luxembourg Rugby Men XV are back into REIC Conference 1 North

27 Oct 18

An old article but worth reading

12 reasons why Luxembourg is the best country in the world

27 Oct 18

Check out this organic farm

Spend time in the organic farm with a lovely family

26 Oct 18

De Mains De Maîtres exhibition

...Art and craftmanship exhibition in Luxembourg

24 Oct 18

See the new member of LUX tamil association


24 Oct 18

LUX wines among the best


18 Oct 18

Open office in Belval

...Designed for BESIX Real Estate Development, the project responds to the rich industrial heritage of Belval with co-working spaces and collaborative offices that address the changing nature of the workplace.

17 Oct 18

Registering the academic qualification in LUX

Know the process to register your diplomas and qualifications obtained abroad in LUX

17 Oct 18

Building a home in LUX

...Building a home is often a dream come true and the best way to live in a house with exactly everything you want. That said, it’s also a costly, complex, time-consuming process, so it’s best to stack all the odds in your favor.

15 Oct 18

My Auchan in Aral’s Schifflange service station


14 Oct 18

LUX, Next week

CYBERSECURITY WEEK - LUXINNOVATION EVENT: Luxembourg in the future European Cybersecurity Landscape Get info at: https://bit.ly/2P1F7WC When: 15 Oct Where: Cybersecurity Competence Center, 1160 Luxembourg ======================================================================= SECRET INGREDIENT (CINEAST): Black comedy Get info at: http://www.cineast.lu/ When : 15 October Where: Neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre , L-2160 Luxembourg ville ======================================================================= STORY PARTY LUXEMBOURG : True Dating Stories Get info at: https://bit.ly/2yyfiDs When : 18 October Where : De Gudde Wëllen 17 Rue du Saint Esprit 1475 Luxembourg ====================================================================== DESIGN CITY: Opening cermony Get info at: https://bit.ly/2yaPkXe When : 19 October Where : Mudam Luxembourg ======================================================================== TRAULIICHTWOCHEN: Halloween in traditional way Get info at: https://bit.ly/2yCXXcn When: 20 October – 2 November Where: Robbesscheier,1 FRUMIESCHGAASS , L-9766 MUNSHAUSEN, Luxembourg ======================================================================== HUNNEFEIER WINE FESTIVAL: End of grape harvest. Get info at: http://www.si-schengen.lu/fr When : 21 October Where : rue Robert Goebbels, L-5444 Schengen ========================================================================= EAT IT, STREET FOOD FESTIVAL : Lux’s street food fest Get info at: https://bit.ly/2CHjaXh When: 20-21 October Where: Rotondes in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie ========================================================================= 50 YEARS SOS KANNERDUERF: Works from series citylights Get info at: https://bit.ly/2CeyGZA When : 21 October Where : Neimënster ======================================================================== DISCOVER KNIWWELINO : Discover programming with family Get info at: https://bit.ly/2yAxDzV When: 20-21 October Where: Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen, 1430 Luxembourg =========================================================================

11 Oct 18

Co-working areas for cross-border workers at Belval


11 Oct 18

IKEA specialised delivery service to LUX


10 Oct 18

Ambassador answers Brexit questions


09 Oct 18

Late night Museums on Saturday night

....Luxembourg City’s museums stay open late for another edition of “La Nuit des Musées”

09 Oct 18

First phase of airport city progressing

Luxembourg is planning an airport city and BIG is selected to design the first phase of it.

08 Oct 18

Sustainable business centre at Airport


08 Oct 18

First time foriegn voters

Hear the voice of the first time foreign voters

06 Oct 18

Luxembourg to vote on proposed Google data center

Bissen council has to vote on proposed Google Data center in Bissen, Luxembourg. Read more

05 Oct 18

Places to see in LUX

Spend your weekend seeing these places

04 Oct 18

McDonald's deal not illegal in Luxembourg

McDonald's and Luxembourg deal is not illegal

03 Oct 18

LUX to expand its bicycle network

...Draft law calls for additional 600km of new routes, express paths across the country

03 Oct 18


..get instant updates direct to their phones in the event of a local fire, accident, bad weather, nuclear emergencies and power outages

02 Oct 18


.....Top American universities including Harvard and Stanford will be in Luxembourg this week to talk to pupils and parents about courses and admission procedures.

02 Oct 18

Luxembourg: Gear up for Diwali celebrations

...Labelled Luxembourg's biggest Diwali bash, the “Official Diwali Bollywood Party Night Luxembourg” takes place this Friday.

01 Oct 18

Have a flair for artisanal cheese


30 Sep 18

Harvard cites 6 things for longer, happier life

1. No smoking or alcohol 2. years of education = good 3. A happy childhood (parents take note) 4. Relationships are everything (all of you singletons, compromise and make it happen) 5. Coping skills 6. "Generativity" (read and learn what that is)

30 Sep 18

3 US Space tech companies setting up offices

Three U.S. companies will set up offices in Luxembourg, the latest sign of an ongoing effort by the small European country to diversify its space economy.

30 Sep 18

LUX, Next week

SUSTAINABLE FOOD PRACTICES AND SEED DEBATING: Lunch debate Get info at: https://bit.ly/2Qi38Wv When: 01 October Where: Caritas (Annexe) - 29, rue Michel Welter L-2730 Luxembourg ========================================================================= WORKSHOP PIT, JENGI & CO : Workshop for kids Get info at: https://bit.ly/2OnbIWO When : 02 - 04 October Where : Musée d'Histoire[s] Diekirch ========================================================================== SUMMER DRINK BY LU-CIX (FREE): Networking with after work drink Get info at: https://bit.ly/2QmBUOL When: 2 Oct Where: Origine Provence in Strassen =========================================================================== TRAINING ON TRADEMARK DATABASES (FREE): Learn the trick and traits of trademarking Get info at: https://bit.ly/2xYUO6t When : 3 October Where: 65 Avenue de la Gare, 1611 Luxembourg =========================================================================== CINEAST: Along with best feature films, enjoy the live performances and food Get info at: http://www.cineast.lu/2018/ When : 04- 21 October Where : Centre-Ville de Luxembourg ============================================================================ LUXEMBOURG COLLEGE NIGHT (FREE): Get to know the opportunities in US universities Get info at: https://bit.ly/2Rc2wmP When : 4 October Where : International School of Luxembourg ============================================================================== PURGE - BRIAN LOBEL: Part game show, part love story, part lecture exploring modern friendships. Get info at: https://bit.ly/2OWYvRr When: 05 Oct Where: Kinneksbond Centre Culturel Mamer =============================================================================== RED ROCK CHALLENGE: Mountain biking, running, and nordic walking Get info at: http://www.rr-challenge.lu/ When: 06-07 October Where: Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, L-4361 Belvaux =============================================================================== VEINER NËSSMOORT: Taste the Nëssdrëpp Get info at: https://bit.ly/2R5R7op When : 07 October Where : Vianden ===============================================================================

29 Sep 18

Historic building, Hôtel des postes, to be renovated

Vincent callebaut to transform the historic building in Luxembourg with sculptural 'solar dome'